Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This week I shall mostly be getting inspired by...

This week, whilst browsing through some of our art books, I happened upon the work of Edward Ruscha. An American artist, born in 1937, who is in his own words "passionate about... the single word, its guttural monosyllabic pronunciation".

Edward Ruscha
Source: kcet.org

It always amazes me that although you may favour one particular style/period/movement of art as a constant throughout your life, there always seems to also be scope for a changing palette of taste.  I myself usually favour a romantic style {Pre-Raphelite}; Waterhouse; Lady of Shallotishness.. But this week, I shall mostly be getting inspired by this painting, the creation of the aforementioned Ruscha.

Source: Google Images

It's heavenly sounding and magnificent.  It makes me smile and it looks fantastic.  I love that little word and now I'm a little bit obsessed, so you can expect to find me avec le Bondaweb creating a cushion for my sofa with a little "Oof" of its own.

I am also a bit smitten with his...

Source: Tate.org.uk

Recently, I have been obsessing about words on quilts and I think that I am going to have to find time to make a few Ruscha inspired creations.

I would love to hear about what is inspiring you?  leave me a comment and let me know, or maybe even blog about it and come back tomorrow for the linky party so we can all get a fresh dose of inspiration.



  1. I've lost my sewing mojo. Nothing is inspiring me :-(

  2. Love the OOF and HONK! Awesome xxx

  3. Oof is perfect and honk makes me feel a bit cheeky lol!

  4. I love this post! I've been thinking about words on quilts too!

  5. Honk is a bit smelly, but HOOTERS would fit nicely on a pillow (not cushion!).
    Currently being inspired by Mrs Lu Summers xxx

  6. I think you need a cushion with 'Wheeee' on it in anticipation of pillow fights...

  7. Oh wow I love it! So simple and yet so fun!! I love words on things too. I shall have to look into Mr Ruscha a bit more!

  8. Interesting! I have a little inspiration announcement of my own soon - a long term quilt project.

  9. BEEP!!!!!

    I love that idea. I'm thinking a whole load of cushions. Oh yes!

  10. Not heard of him - thanks for the tip off - love words on quilts - maybe I'd have to go with Miranda and moist! Sounds better when she says it!


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