Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dandelion Block and the Link Up

I am really appreciative of my bee commitments at the moment.  Amid the general hustle and bustle of life with two little ones, I am finding very little time to sew.  But I do like to get my bee blocks out on time, so there is a real incentive in stitching up blocks every month.

You might recall the inset circle that I was working on when the iron-on-the-carpet incident occurred! Well that circle now looks like this...

Bee blocks for Carol

Carol asked for a second low volume *filler* block, so here is my offering...

Bee blocks for Carol

and both together...

Bee blocks for Carol

If you'd like to see Carol's other blocks so far, click here.  This is going to be one fantastic quilt when its finished.

But enough about my sewing escapades... I'd really prefer to see what you've been making this week, so if you are feeling that way inclined, please link up below.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Linky Party

I'm currently buried underneath a poorly boy... so please excuse me today.

Earlier in the week, I started work on my bee blocks using some truly gorgeous fabric sent from Carol.  I was pressing an inset circle when this happened...


Yep! that is the carpet... right in the middle of my kitchen diner!!

It occurred in what can only be described as  *Lara Croft* style action; as I put the iron down, it tipped forward and was destined for either my arm or the bee fabric *sharp intake of breath* but I managed to kick the ironing board and send the iron flying through the air whereupon it landed face down and promptly welded itself to the carpet.  Needless to say neither carpet nor iron are looking their best.

There has also been a slight porridge incident but I will spare you the ugly details of that for today.

If you've had a better week... well you know what to do...

Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Quilt News and Link Up

I've started on a new quilt.

It was definitely time to use the gorgeous rainbow charms from the Fluffy Sheep charm swap.


My Aunt asked if I could make her a bigger quilt and she loves colour, so I thought it could make the perfect combination.


There were 8 colour groups in the rainbow swap, so I also used charms from the text swap to make up a simple 9-patch.


This is as far as I have got.

But hopefully I will get it finished quickly because its definitely getting chillier here and snuggles await it!

Anyway, enough about me... what have you been up to this week?????