Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thursday Linky Party

We have been having a major *Spring* Clean in our house this week, so there is not much to report on the sewing front but I did purchase these Feathers...

 Sun Print - Feathers in Magenta
Source: Village Haberdashery online store
I think I bought them in nearly every colour!
Build a Bundle: Sun Print Feathers
Source: Village Haberdashery online store
I am so in love with them and I can highly recommend making fabric purchases from the Village Haberdashery too... they are so quick and beautifully packaged. 

What about you? have you been buying or making anything this week? 


  1. I'm trying to resist those feathers!!
    I've been buying and making, but not what I should be!!!

  2. I loved those fabrics, I may have a little hoard of them in my cupboard.

  3. I have done more making than buying... for a change!


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